Addressing a need

Up was founded by a former management consultant and head-hunter to address shortcomings in the recruitment sector for high-flying individuals and companies. The traditional short-term, opportunistic business model has resulted in poor service and performance for all parties.

Research with high-flyers shows:

• Recruiters do not understand their experience or aspirations, fail to treat them as individuals and do not think laterally about options

• They do not know where to go to for general career advice and planning

• They often do not know where, or how, to access unusual, challenging job opportunities

• There is no specialist port of call for those wishing to move into high-growth companies


Research with companies shows:

• The lack of any specialist recruiter supplying high-flyers means they engage multiple agencies which is time-consuming and costly to manage

• Recruiters rarely understand their business, its culture and the ‘best fit’ for success, resulting in wasted time sifting out inappropriate candidates


The industry is crying out for a fresh, innovative business model. It’s Up.


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