What can we do for you?

Up offers unlimited possibilities for its members. Being part of such an exclusive and sought-after community means you are uniquely positioned to maximise your professional potential. What’s more, as the network evolves those possibilities will only increase.

Up provides the following services free of charge:

Personal, impartial career advice

• We will provide a bright, experienced, business-oriented adviser who, as your peer, is well placed to understand and relate to you

• We will invest time to understand your experience and aspirations; our emphasis is on assessing competencies, fit and motivations, not just CVs

• We will not pigeonhole you; instead we think laterally to introduce options that you might not have considered

• We will help you to proactively manage your career and we promise to provide impartial advice at all times

Unique opportunities and introductions

• We will be the first to present you with rare job opportunities; most of these are not in the public domain and are exclusive to Up

• We will provide access to high-growth, dynamic companies such as privately-owned, angel/VC/PE-backed and AIM-listed; those entrepreneurial companies rarely on the radar of traditional recruiters

• We will proactively represent you to companies to build relationships either in advance of actively looking or regardless of specific roles

Market intelligence

• You will benefit from the valuable intelligence held within such a high calibre, experienced network

• We will aggregate our extensive sources of market intelligence to provide you with the latest information tailored to your areas of interest

• We will provide intelligence through different channels: face-to-face or by phone, via regular email newsletters and updates or via resources only accessible to members

Interaction with a like-minded community

• One-to-ones, events and online forums provide unique chances to share ideas with other highly successful individuals both working for, and running, exciting companies

• Get firsthand feedback and advice from selected ‘mentors’ on the network who have already ‘done’ it!


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